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Discover Yoga wisdom and practices for professional and personal joy, success and well being.

Living Yoga in the Himalayan Tradition (LYHT)
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We see yoga not just as a means to keeping physically fit but as a way of lifeOur yoga practice strives to be authentic instead of 'marketable', integrated instead of fragmented and empowering instead of informing.

Why Yoga?

An integration of physical practice, meditation, and breathing exercises. 

A holistic approach towards recovering energy and managing stress.

A new avenue of leadership and personal development.

LYHT yoga
Meet the Teachers

Paritosh Sharma's journey in yoga started in 1989. He was initiated into the Himalayan Tradition of yoga by Swami Veda Bharati.

Debapriya Nag originally came to yoga for the physical exercise and health benefits. But over time, it became a cornerstone of her life.

Pandit Ashutosh Sharma is an exceptional hatha yoga teacher and mentor. He is one of the senior most teachers in the Himalayan Tradition. Since 1996, he has been travelling and teaching worldwide. 

LYHT's Offerings


Group Classes

Personal Sessions

Corporate Sessions


For regular weekday and weekend classes, contact us.

Are you based out of Europe? We conduct a special set of classes customized for you! View the program details here.

Practitioner Speak

"I've been practicing Yoga with Priya and Paritosh since 2017. Through this time the practice has deepened my awareness of my breath and brought me in closer connection, celebration and acceptance of my body - its strengths and its limitations." (Madhu Shukla)

LYHT yoga

"The duty of the guru outside you is to make you aware of the guru within you"

Swami Rama

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