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We’ve all had that moment when someone does a task more effortlessly than us. And we marvel at it. For instance, a friend rearranges their living room in five minutes. Or a spouse mentally calculates the items on a bill. We know this is not because they are "trying" harder. It’s just because their minds are better suited to the task. They either have a stronger spatial sense or better quantitative ability. So, when we can understand our mental type, we should also be able to understand our body type. We each have different body types. And sometimes, that’s what enables us to perform some yoga postures with confidence and some with difficulty. For example, if someone does a better bind than you, it’s most probably because they have longer hands! Or maybe you find a hand press quite easy and wonder why it’s so hard for someone else. It’s pointless to dwell in these comparisons. We are all not built the same. The trick is to stop chasing an “unvarying” external standard and, instead, mould the practice to the shape of our individual bodies. The incomplete experience of your unique body is greater than any complete image out there. So celebrate your unique body. And feel free.

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