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When we think of the story of Ekalavya, we remember how he was rejected by Dronacharya, then built an idol of him, and practised before it till he attained mastery. Later, Drona discovers his talent and asks for his thumb, so he never rises above the other Kshatriya warriors. But we sometimes forget the clarity of focus Ekalavya attained over his body and mind. When a barking dog nearby was affecting his concentration, Ekalavya fired seven arrows in quick succession filling the dog’s mouth without hurting it. It is a myth. But I think it’s a creative example of what the mind-body can achieve in a state of heightened focus and concentration. It requires total control of every ounce of one’s resources.

That is what the balancing postures in yoga can lead us to. Heightened clarity and focus. Learning to be in control of every ounce of our being, physical and mental. Take the tree pose or the crow pose. At first, you can barely keep your balance. But if you persist, these postures summon deep concentration. And set the stage for us to be calm, resourceful and creative in the face of everyday complexity. There are other benefits too. It engages smaller unused muscles and can help the elderly increase physical and mental stability. All in all, balancing postures force mind and body to “hyper streamline” instantly and totally. Try it today. Feeling discomfort? That’s just the dissipation in your body. Turning into focus.

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