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What if I told you that the structure of your brain can change based on how you’re focusing your attention?

It’s one of the most exciting scientific discoveries of the last twenty years. Because it opens the door on a powerful idea. Our brains are not just passive learning machines or unchangeable despots making us dance to their tunes. Our brains are malleable energies that can serve our conscious intent, whatever it may be. I want to be more compassionate. I want to be more resilient in a moment of anxiety. I want to be more agile when it comes to shifting goal posts at work.

How do we deploy our attention to altering our brains? We don’t need an app. The answer may lie in the past. Research reveals the ancients were on to this idea thousands of years ago. One of the ways they used focused attention to change their brains was yoga. Through the constant use and practice of control in your postures, breathing, and meditation, yoga compels the mind to focus on an internal world, increases concentration and makes you more self-aware. This immersion over time literally refashions your neural pathways. And rewires your ability to be compassionate, resilient, agile and connected. Thanks to modern technology and functional MRI scans, we’re now able to see how regular practice affects our brain.

Explore the far reaching effects of yoga that are more encompassing than just the physical.

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